On Point Ball

All About the Basketball & Leaving the Drama for the E Channel….Featuring Analysis, Videos, Podcasts, some Betting and Tipping plus a bit of Gaming


We, Ayden & Carl, two NBA raconteurs writing and talking stuff about basketball and other cool stuff.

We are sick of the bias, sick of hearing only about the big market teams, sick of hearing from ex-players that today’s NBA is weak in talent and gone soft.

Well here’s the news everyone, every older generation says that about the new generation.  This happens with life in general and definitely in sport (doesn’t matter which one).

Sick of hearing about what player tweeted this or had lunch there.  We won’t put up rubbish like this!

We want to talk about team structure, who’s playing well, potential trades etc.. all the good stuff.

Find out what got Carl into basketball HERE:

Bit of an Intro

Check out Ayden’s Intro HERE:

Introducing myself

Also we love Rankings and we will Rank almost anything about the NBA, find them HERE:




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